Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Kate,

I know it seems that I am an unhappy person - that I do not enjoy my life because I am always so envious of yours.  But the truth is, it just seems worse than when we were young.

Remember when you got a white hamper and white trash can for Christmas for your new bedroom and I got a pink hamper and pink trash can for mine?  I was positive that I'd been given the dumb one - even though they were the exact same except for color.  I whined and complained and you, being the "better" sister, offered to give me the white one.  To which I screamed because I knew you were trying to trick me.

See?  Now you realize that now is exactly the same.  I just don't have a hamper to compare to yours, so I am stuck being jealous of your life.  

And now you also see why I will not become a librarian even when you try to con me into it.  Because I know you're just trying to trick me.


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