Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Bora,

I totally know what you mean and I'd like to add the misuse of ellipses... too. One of the local free "newspapers" (and I use quotes there correctly) uses ellipses and quotes like they're going out of style. I once emailed the lady who runs it and asked if, considering our county's illiteracy rate, she might like someone to proof read her "newspaper." I even offered to do it for free (since I already do it for fun. Honestly, if you already have a red pen in your bag, how could you resist?). She wrote me back the nastiest email. Apparently she doesn't think there's anything wrong with her grammar and she took my offer as an insult to her "publication." I guess since the people who create these signs, newspapers, etc won't listen to reason, we grammarians should take up our red pens and go forth into the world, correcting bad grammar wherever we see it. Certainly someone, someday will take notice of our noble work and the world will be changed for the better.


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