Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dear Bora,

Remember that time you wanted to get the top of your ear pierced, but you were scared to go alone so I went to get it done with you? Remember how I kept mine meticulously clean and you didn't? And do you remember how after a few weeks my upper ear had swollen so much that you could no longer see the earring and all the kids at school called me "Tomato Ear" and I had to go to the doctor and have it lanced and drained and then have the earring pulled out with pliers all the while getting a lecture about the dangers of piercings?
I relived every painful moment of the experience today as I listened to 2 middle school girls talk about getting their ears pierced and thought that since we went through it together the first time, you should have to remember it with me.
Tomato Ear

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