Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear Kate,

After this paper for my Master's degree is done, I am never writing another research paper again.  Honestly, the fact that I can say that with even some confidence is all that's keeping me going sometimes.  I cannot wait to be done with school.  I hate school.  I am so ready to get past this crummy part of life

Before you say anything - Please don't kill my only hope by telling me about how bad life can be in the "real" world.  (Where do people think I'm living right now??  I've got bills, lots of work to do, and no income - seems like worse than the "real" world if you ask me)  But seriously, I need this delusion that everything will be magically better in 9 months.  Just like you needed the delusion that your hair was blond for all those years.


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  1. Dear Bora,

    I don't think anyone would (or should) try and tell a medical-related student getting their advanced degree that that life is better than the "real" world. It only applies to undergrad, where you work a little (if at all), have only a few bills, can schedule your classes to not start before [your preferred time of waking], have at least 3 months of vacation and year and the person telling you what to do the most is you. THAT's the life that people are longing for. Not the long hours or unpaid work and unappreciated input (even if it's the right answer), etc. My husband (who's in pharmacy school) feels the same way you do. Compared to this life, the "real" world is going to be awesome. (Plus he'll be bringing home a salary way better than mine, which I might be a bit excited about...)


    One of those girls who was too cool to hang out with someone's younger sister