Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dear Kate,

How hard is it to raise kids?  I ask because if I even mention taking care of my 2 dogs in front of people with children they start freaking out and going on and on about how much harder it is taking care of children.  I mean, I wasn't even comparing the two!

But now that they mention it... I'm not so sure they're right.  Maybe if they'd been there last night when I was trying to get the dogs ready for our 2 week vacation they wouldn't feel so strongly.

You see, I felt that both Lyla and Ender needed to be furminated and have their nails clipped before we left.  And it was as I sat clutching Lyla tightly around the middle, battered and bruised from her kangaroo-like kicks, sitting in a small pool of dog pee, covered in tufts of fur sticking to my clothes, and encircled by a trail of blood and peanut butter, that I decided that dogs might actually be harder than children.

I mean, if anyone has a story like that with their children...


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  1. Back in the day, when I was a nanny, it took me and THREE nurses to hold one of the kids down to swab her throat for strep. And she was only three years old. And then, she bit off the end of the swab so they had to do it again. It was pretty ridiculous, but at least I didn't have fur on my clothes.