Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear Kate,

I always find it strange when I see someone that reminds me of someone else.  On my first rotation, I saw someone that looked like Auntie Ann but had this crazy loud personality instead.  It was so weird.  And it's even weirder when you find someone's doppelganger but they're of a different race.  While I was on rotation in California, I saw the Hispanic doppelgangers of our brother Brian, our cousin Erin, and of one of our old youth pastors.  So weird!

One of my patients on this rotation looked so familiar and I just couldn't place it.  Then finally, it hit me!  He looks like the kid who plays August Rush - except as an 80-year-old man!!

Doppelgangers freak me out a little bit, but that's not as weird as when you suddenly realize that 2 of your friends on Facebook, from very different parts of your life, know each other - but not through you!  I always have to resist the urge to post on both of their walls, "How do you know ___?! The universe is collapsing!!!"


PS  Do you have a cougar crush on this bagger boy?  And if you do, does that mean you liked Patrick?  Because you always told me you were just friends.

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