Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dear Kate,

I'm sorry you had to relive the horror, but for me, that's like reliving the glory days!  The best part about that story is that despite my disregard for cleaning it, my ear never got infected at all.  While you had to "learn your lesson," I was enjoying all of the coolness and "street cred" that having a cartilage piercing in 7th grade brought me.

Actually, the best part was that everyone thought our mom was the coolest ever.  Girls at school would say, "How did you convince your mom to let you do that?  My mom won't let me."  And I'd say, "Are you kidding?!  My mom talked me into it!"

And you know what?  She did!  I mentioned ONCE that I thought it was cool and we were off to the mall!  I chickened out, though.  But by that night she'd convinced you to get it done with me!  

I know it seems like a terrible memory, but think about it this way: We both learned valuable lessons.  You learned that taking a risk is still a risk, even if you're cautious about it.  And I learned that I am invincible.

Sister of Steel

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