Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dear Kate,

Sorry I was unable to get the photo of the tramp stamp - it was a symbol-ish sun, BT-dub. 

I have seen a lot of kids this rotation.  It makes me want to start a family and never have children all at the same time.  Some kids are sweet.  Some kids are rotten.  Some parents are loving and some let their kids get away with anything.  I had to chase a pediatric patient OUT of the clinic and towards the street to catch her.  Mom says, "Silly girl" when I bring her back in over my shoulder.  WHAT?!  Silly?!  Rotten and deserving of some discipline if you ask me.

Also, I've seen some weird names.  For example:  Messiah, Kalel, Seven, and 2 brothers both named Kenneth.

Of course, Chris was excited to see a Kalel (Superman's Kryptonian name) because he's still trying to convince me to name our first born son that.  Um, no.


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