Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear Bora,

Clearly this woman just needed you to give her a few more examples of our family's incredible sense of humor concerning medical matters. Did you tell her about how when you had mono I drew skulls and crossbones on your water bottles? Or how you threatened to spit on me with your poisonous mono-saliva? What about when I had my wisdom teeth taken out and you and Mom used one of her bras as an icepack (and then took pictures)? Certainly sharing a few of those crazy stories we used to make up about Brian's chest cath scar would convince her of the superior nature of our family jokes. Please let me know her response after your next encounter. I'm curious to know whether she deeply apologizes for not originally appreciating our comic genius or if she grovels at your feet and begs to be a part of our hilarious family.


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