Friday, April 29, 2011

Dear Bora,

It's so funny you should mention this because I have a pregnant friend who was talking about placenta pills just the other day. Apparently, as long as you ask for your placenta before the birth, you can take your placenta home, dry it in your oven, shred it in your food processor, and then put it into pill containers you can purchase over the internet. You know, for those modern ladies who think eating your placenta in a stew might be gross. Me though, I'm going to eat it raw- maybe make it into a smoothie. I feel like the some of the hormones and nutrients might be lost in the cooking process. I just thought I should let you know so you'll be prepared when you get your invitation to my back-yard baby-pool birthing-extravaganza.


PS: The prefered term these days is "socially progressive environmentally conscious nonconformist"

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