Friday, May 20, 2011

Dear Kate,

I've been feeling especially Suzy Homemaker lately.  As a favor to you, I've started making cloth diapers for your (as-of-yet-unplanned) unborn children.  I know you're a hippie and you won't want to ruin the environment with disposable diapers that take 500 years to decompose or something.  I also know that my craftiness comes in spurts, so I should really get going on these.  Here are pictures of the first 2.  I made 1 blue and 1 pink.  Do you think it was a sign from God that these were the only flannel pillow cases I could find at Goodwill to use for this?  Perhaps there are twins in your future....

I can be a hippie too,

My first one!

Just picture poo in this pretty diaper!

The little pockets are so you can turn the velcro in on itself when you wash them.

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