Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dear Bora,
The worst thing about being a mom is definitely the finger nails.  I'll give you three reasons, in case you need convincing.  First, baby finger nails grow incredibly fast.  Remember how when we first moved to the South we were terrified that if we stood still for too long that the kudzu would sneak up and strangle us?  It's like that, but for real.  Second, baby finger nails are impossible to cut.  The safety nail clippers don't allow you to cut them short enough and the real clippers (plus baby's jerky, Parkinson's-like movements) make it a certainty that you will take off the fingertip along with the nail.  That only leaves the option of biting your baby's finger nails.  Now, I know you like biting your own nails, but I assure you, this activity offers none of the boredom/stress relief of your own personal habit.  This is a sheer battle of will and strength with your baby and you must win because my third and final point is this: baby fingernails are sharp and are super painful when dug into your neck (which is baby's favorite place to dig them).  So you can clearly see- finger nails are the worst part of motherhood.
What have you found to be the best and worst parts of pregnancy?
Looking forward to comparing notes,

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