Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dear Kate,

Oooo, the best and worst of pregnancy...  The best thing is probably that I have an excuse for virtually anything.  Caught sneaking a second helping of dessert?  I'm not a fatty, I'm pregnant.  Napping during lunch at work?  I'm not lame, I'm pregnant.  Crying all the time?  I'm not sappy or overly emotional, I'm pregnant.  It's awesome.  I can get away with anything!  Watching TV instead of cleaning the house?  I'm not lazy, I'm very busy growing a human being here, people!

Now, the worst thing about pregnancy... It's not getting fat, though that's no fun...  It's not the nausea - and I was pretty lucky there anyhow...  I would have to say the worst thing about pregnancy is how suddenly everyone else in the world becomes extremely annoying and then they blame it on your hormones.  I mean, it's not my fault you type more loudly on your computer during my pregnancy than you did before.  Clearly, it's not my hormones that caused you to suddenly stop being funny when you tease me.  Obviously the problem is not with me but with the world.

Now I'm going to go eat some cookies.  And shut up about it, I'm pregnant!

Not the least bit hormonal,

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