Monday, December 14, 2015

Dear Kate,

Monday is grocery day. Normally, it's the only thing we accomplish for the day.  By the time I get the kids changed, fed, dressed, and changed again, we barely get our grocery shopping in before lunch and then we're in "putting down for naps" mode.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful today, though, so I thought we'd rush to get grocery shopping in so that we can fit in a walk to the park before lunch.  I hurried to get the kids changed and dressed before we even left the bedroom this morning.  I was so proud of myself: All 3 of us dressed for the day by 8 AM!

Only to realize at breakfast why I don't do that every day...

Whatever, saliva-soaked cheerios are totally a fashion accessory and oatmeal-pants are going to be a thing.  You just wait and see.  We're trend setters!

Still waiting for baby-vomit-shirts to come in style,

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