Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dear Kate,

New Year's Eve - a day to reflect on the past year, a day to make resolutions for the coming year.

Reflection:  2015. It started in cold NJ with C's diagnosis of pneumonia. Then, I astounded New Jersey-ians everywhere with my rapid natural-birthing skills when R was born in February in just over 3 hours from first contraction to "push slow this time--- nevermind." When the sun finally came out in the spring, I was astounded to find that NJ is actually filled with people! (And some pretty nice ones too! ...I'm sorry for calling you all New Jerkins... the winter was hard). Summer was mostly spent at the park down the street or, more often, in the backyard if C was refusing to wear clothes that day. Then we suddenly moved back to NC in the fall - arriving just in time for 3 months of seemingly endless rain. On the bright side, our rental home might be considered lake-front property now.

Resolutions:  I don't make resolutions. Well, sometimes I do, but I quit them before I even really started them, so I usually just pretend I'm too cool to make resolutions.  I mean, I would love to say that tomorrow I'll start eating better, but let's be honest, even if I made that resolution (and we all know I didn't), I'd have to make it through the holiday leftovers first.  (I don't like waste!) Then I'd have to use up the "bad food" in my pantry and fridge. Then I'd have to refrain from buying the clearanced holiday foods. And then I'd have to actually give up all the yummy things that are bad for me - which coincidentally will be about the time that everyone else is giving up on their resolutions anyway.

Happy New Year!

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