Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dear Kate,

Only one more week before I see you for Christmas!  I can't wait!  It has been too long.  Last time I saw you, R was still nicknamed "Paperweight" because she was mostly a cute lump that could smile and giggle.  I think you'll be happily surprised to find that she has graduated to at least "Disobedient Puppy" - she's cute and into everything.  She puts everything in her mouth, frequently bites people, and will look at you briefly when you say 'no' while completely ignoring you with a knowing (and adorable) look.

She's doing great in the trick department though.  She can sit, crawl, and stand.  And she's almost got "walk on hind legs" down too!  All the rain this fall has really put a damper on our house-training efforts, though; she doesn't like peeing outside in the rain.

Just kidding.

Metaphors only go so far,