Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dear Kate,

We had our family Christmas last night and C got a junior-size djembe (a type of African hand drum).  Now, I know that some parents will balk at the idea of getting a 2.5-year old a drum but I was willing to take the risk of a headache in order to avoid having a child with my sense of rhythm (i.e. no sense at all - our brothers must have gotten all of my musical ability).

I truly believed that I had thought this through! I had considered how loud the drum could potentially be and how I would handle irritating non-rhythmic drumming situations. I had considered that drumsticks could be used as weapons (hence the hand drum). I had considered where it would be stored so that it wouldn't be broken between drum sessions. I had thought of all of these things.  I had planned for these things.

I had not, however, considered that my dogs would view the goat skin drum head as a raw hide treat.  While the drum is safe for now, I see a ruined drum and a guilty dog in our future.


P.S.  I was glowing with pride yesterday after you conceded my win.  Even my husband was tempted to say, "Oh shut up" for no reason at all.  

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