Friday, December 11, 2015

Dear Kate,

While I can tell from Pinterest that most SAH moms create elaborate engagement experiences for their children, I spend the majority of my time just re-naming our activities using convoluted euphemisms.  So far this morning we have explored independent play (i.e. the kids tore apart their room while Dad lay semi-conscious on the toddler's bed while I showered), engaged in a multi-sensory book experience (i.e. the baby threw every book on the floor whilst squealing, tore pages out, and then tasted said pages), practiced fine motor movements with a multi-media art project (i.e. the toddler smeared peanut butter across the kitchen table during breakfast) and participated in animal husbandry (i.e. the baby fed the dogs all of her cheerios).

Well, I have to go; I need to go practice gymnastics with a focus on hygeine with the kiddos (i.e. change some diapers).

Love you,

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