Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dear Bora,
I have approximately 4 minutes to compose this letter because that's about how long it takes Korra to take a poop. She still happily reading to herself. Once she starts singing, I know I've only got about a minute before she yells, "Mom!  Come wipe me!"  Oh the joys of motherhood. 
Speaking of joy, I have recently regained use of my right arm, at least to a degree. I can now tie my own shoes AND fasten my own bra!  I'm sure I was supposed to learn humility or gratitude or patience or something during the 2 weeks I couldn't use my dominant hand but all I really learned is that I'm as self-loathing perfectionist.  There's really no joy in that knowledge so I'm much happier now doing things the way I like them done (i.e. the right way). 
I've gone past my 4 minutes. Korra has unrolled half the roll of toilet paper while waiting on my assistance so I'd better wrap this up. 
Your Type-A sister,

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