Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dear Bora,

I think you have stumbled upon a genius idea!  Not only should our line of baby books include the truly important milestones like "First Cuss Word", "First Non-Food Item Consumed," "Favorite Song With Age Inappropriate Lyrics," "Weirdest Things Said," and "Which Lovingly Made or Carefully Chosen Toys He/She Neglected In Favor of Mass-Marketed Plastic Crap" but I think it's important to make this baby book realistic. No requests for specific dates or ages. A bunch of pages for the first month but then no more pages until the kid's first birthday. There's no need to make parents feel guilty for forgetting to fill out the baby book. We could even make a special line for subsequent children that include less pages. Heck, we could even make these books last well past the baby years with entries such as "First Time Totaling Mom's Car" and "First Time Getting Caught Sneaking Out."  Or more likely, if our kids are just like us, "First Time Confessing Guiltily About Being at a Party with Underage Drinking."  Either way, I think we've hit the jackpot with this idea. Get us booked on Shark Tank.

Love Your Enterprising Sister,

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