Saturday, January 16, 2016

Dear Kate,

Am I the only mom who talks to her kids when at the store?  I rarely hear other mothers talking to their children at the grocery store, but C and I chat it up.  Yesterday, we talked the whole way through the store, and then he started telling me a story about a blue dragon that was waiting for us outside.  As we discussed this blue dragon (was he friendly? could we see him? where did he come from?), four different people in the parking lot were visibly chuckling at us - not in an offensive way, just in a that-kid-is-freaking-hilarious way (and he really is).

But heck, before he could even talk, I was talking to him when we would go out.  "What else did we need at the grocery store, C?  I feel like we're forgetting something... oh yes!  That's right!  We do need some yogurt.  Thanks for reminding me; I almost forgot."  Really, it wasn't that different from the time I had mono and couldn't talk because my throat was almost swollen completely shut.  Remember?  We were on a cruise (which would have been way more fun if I could have eaten).  But you just kept talking to me and pretending that I was answering you.  The look on people's faces when you would argue with an apparently mute girl...

Those were the days,

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