Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dear Kate,

Everyone always makes a big deal about "two in diapers" but you know what?  Diapers are easy.  Nine months ago, we decided to try potty training C.  He had just turned 2 years old.  When I told people, they dropped the "two in diapers" line and started pitying me for "potty training with a newborn."  We tried for a little while but at some point, I realized that he just wasn't totally aware of the need to go and decided to stop all together and restart later.  Well, we just restarted yesterday and I've decided that "potty training with a mobile baby" is definitively the hardest of these three.  I can't keep the bathroom open because R just loves to dip her fingers in the toilet bowl water. So I brought in the little potty chair - but R believes this to be the best toy she's ever seen and refuses to play with anything else in our house.  Too bad it's probably too early to potty train her too... 11 months is too early, right?

"When the child shows interest..."

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