Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dear Kate,

It's Zombie Tip Tuesday!!  My favorite day of the week!

Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse with Toddlers Tip #4
The great thing about having a toddler is that you already have a decked out Zombie Apocalypse Bug-Out Bag! No, really, you do! This bag may still be part diaper bag or it may have evolved from your diaper bag if your child is potty training/ potty trained, but either way, if you have a toddler, it is sure to be well stocked.

In this bag, I'm sure that you already have:

extra clothes for your toddler - You'll need these when your toddler strips down and the old clothes are mysteriously nowhere to be found.
extra shirt for yourself - I can't guarantee you have this, actually, but if you have a puker like I do... Very useful if you don't want to be the character person with no shirt after the first half-hour of the movie.
several diapers and/or pull-ups - these can be used for your kid, obviously, or if they were left-over from before your child potty-trained, you can use them as large bandages for non-zombie inflicted wounds (obviously, zombie inflicted wounds do not require treatment because, you know, you become a zombie)
first-aid kit and hand sanitizer - These will be useless during a zombie apocalypse.  Germs are the least of your worries and we all know those character band-aids don't stick worth shit.  Also, only helicopter moms have this in there, so if you have these... just sayin'
blanket(s) - This is probably an "alternative lovey" so your kid will clearly not want anything to do with it.  Use it to keep warm or in place of your shirt if you don't have a puker.
several toys with batteries - ditch the annoying noisy toys as they will only draw zombies but keep the batteries as they will be currency in the post-zombie apocalypse world should anyone survive.
minimum of 2 board books - guard these with your life as they may be the only written word that survives the apocalypse. Yes, our new society may start with only "Red Hat, Green Hat" by Sandra Boynton and "Llama Llama Time for Bed" by Anna Dewdney. It's going to be an interesting place.
enough snacks for approximately 3 weeks of rations for 4 adults or 2 "hungry" days of rations for your toddler who normally eats almost nothing - this is a toss up. It could be very helpful if you don't hit any "hungry" days. If you do hit a hungry day with your toddler, though, no amount of food can save you. Find an abandoned grocery store or you are going to die.

Now go check your Bug-Out Bag,

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