Friday, January 22, 2016

Dear Kate,

My hair is annoying.  It's too long to be short-easy and too short to be long-easy.  I mean, it's long enough that I have to brush it but it's still short enough that I can't just put it in a ponytail.  I started looking for hairstyles last night because Mom offered to let me go and get it cut while I'm at her house so she can watch the kids. I know my hair must look bad when Mom suggests I go get it cut by a professional even though I've been cutting my own hair for almost a decade.  I just don't have time to cut my hair.  It takes a lot of uninterrupted time to cut my own hair and it takes time away (+money) to go get it cut.  I'm lucky if I get two minutes of uninterrupted time to use the bathroom.

I'm probably going to cut my hair really short again because I hate doing my hair in the morning.  I'm hoping the hairstylist understands for once that when I say, "I don't do anything with my hair," that I do not mean, "I only put sponge curlers in overnight once a week and prefer to blow dry in under an hour."

I put my hair in a make-shift ponytail this morning out of frustration.  It took no fewer than 11 bobby pins to secure + the last bit of hairspray I could find in my house (probably from my wedding 8 years ago).  Upon seeing my hair, C immediately said, "I want you to put your hair back" motioning across my forehead.

Boy is he going to be upset,

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