Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dear Kate,

My post yesterday got me thinking - a lot of successful blogs have daily themes.  I feel like I've already got Confession Sunday rolling, but I think a Zombie Apocalypse With Children Tip Tuesday could be a popular series.  It's a bit long for a title, I admit, but the alliteration helps, I hear.

So without further ado:

Zombie Apocalypse With Children Tip #2
Being caught in a zombie apocalypse with slow-moving children can be a huge disadvantage, but in the case of a close encounter with shambler-type zombies, use your toddling babe's natural stumbling gait to your advantage.  Disguise yourselves as zombies and copy your child's toddling as you move slowly away from the zombie hoard.  Please note that despite your children's random extreme fear of actually harmless things in normal life (mascots, diaper changes, old people at church, etc), they are unlikely to be even slightly fazed by horrific brain-eating zombies.  In fact, giggles and squeals of delight are much more likely to give you away (check back next week with tips on what to do if the zombie hoard becomes aware of your alive-ness).

Always leave them wanting more,

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