Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dear Kate,

My son has hit another milestone! He has a cold and wipes his nose on his sleeve now! Last time he had a cold he just let the snot run down his face. He's just growing up so fast!

I tried to find this milestone in his baby book to document it but, strangely, it didn't have a specific place for that milestone.

Oddly enough, neither one of the kids' baby books included places for any of the milestones we've reached recently. I mean, I saw a place for all the boring milestones - "first steps," "first words," and even "first haircut." But there were no spaces for the real milestones - you know, the ones that live on in family stories for all eternity? There was no space for "first accidental injury caused by a parent," "first embarrassing repetition of something mom said," nor "first item flushed down the commode."

What has the world come to that we don't even keep record of the truly important milestones in our children's lives??

Thinking of starting a baby book business,

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