Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dear Kate,

Want to know something funny? I didn't even realize that yesterday's Zombie Tip Tuesday post was on a Wednesday until today. I definitely believed my first Zombie Tip was on a Monday and that I needed to do a second one to start the series on a Tuesday.  I was so confused when I went to post this morning...

I finally realized what made me think it was Tuesday yesterday! I was forced by a toddler falling asleep on the way to the grocery store on Monday to change grocery day to Tuesday. So Tuesday was Monday and Wednesday was Tuesday! Except it wasn't!

This just goes to show you why routine is so important! No, not routine for kids - routine for moms. (C and R couldn't care less which day we go to the grocery store).  But without routine, the days get all mixed up and you might post Zombie Tip Tuesday on the wrong day!  Or you might not take that very important pill that's labeled with the days of the week... (which incidentally could cause another reason your days get mixed up in 9 months).

Your sister every day of the week,

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