Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dear Kate,

You are as bad of an influence now as you were when we were in high school!  - yes, I'm still traumatized by memories of No Pants Thursday, driving past the school principal in the student parking lot with your deviant friends!

Now is not the time for me to get all stick-it-to-the-Man. I'll be interviewing begging for a job soon.  That is definitely NOT the time to try out bra-less freedom.  But... now I'm feeling rebellious!  Like I just have to do something!  It'll have to be something really radical, something really secretly subversive...

I'm going to wear crazy colorful socks!  I mean, sure, they'll be completely covered by my plain closed-toe flats and my plain black dress pants.  Sure, they won't even show when I walk.  But I'll know they are there!  I'll know it and the rebel inside will yell "FREEDOM!"

Well, at least whisper it,

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