Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dear Bora,
Thankfully, teething never seemed to bother K very much.  I wish I could say that is one of many examples of what a perfect baby she was but we both know that's not true. She just did all of her screaming before teeth (so basically for no discernible reason). It is nice to have something like teething to explain why your kid is crying. It makes it easier to be patient and compassionate when I can say, "she's got a nasty cold" or "she didn't get her nap today."  It's certainly preferable to "she's whiney because I'm a terrible parent and she is and always will be the most obnoxious child in the world!"  Nope, not going to let myself go down that road. Let's continue to make excuses (real or imagined) so we can keep at this parenting thing tomorrow. 
Your Hopeful Sister,

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