Sunday, February 7, 2016

Dear Kate,

Aw, don't worry, Kate, people do pity your party planning ineptitude. I don't know where in the world you got the idea that I don't plan Pin-Perfect Parties - we must have lived too far apart for too long. I didn't want to parade my success in front of you, but I'm actually known as the Pinterest Party Planner (Follow me on twitter @Pinpartyplanner!) I have over thirty Pinterest boards dedicated to the next two decades of birthday parties for my children. I even have an entire board for smash cake variations.  Honestly, I love smash cakes so much that we're going to continue with the tradition every year!

Also, I don't plan to do decorative table cloths at R's birthday because they would cover up the ten beautifully stained farmhouse tables that we made from salvaged barn wood just for her party.

Sorry you won't be able to attend.  I guess your origami swan invitation made from recycled paper got lost in the mail - which is too bad, because it had seeds embedded in the paper so you could plant it in your garden and think of R when the flowers bloomed.

The Pin Party Planner!

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