Friday, February 5, 2016

Dear Kate,

I had another great idea for our nontraditional baby book line. Sure, we've included important, though previously untracked and overlooked, milestones, but I think we should also be sure to include a more nostalgic lost-ability-milestone section for parents. You know, Lasts instead of Firsts. Things like:
  • Last time I could leave you on the bed unattended without you rolling off. 
  • Last time you napped wherever the heck I wanted you to so I could have a semi-normal adult social life. 
  • Last time I could just nurse you for a meal instead of having to actually come up with something for you to eat.
  • Last time I could live in an un-babyproofed house. 
  • Last holiday for which I could buy your gifts in front of you. 
  • Last time I could secretly fart in your presence without you declaring for all to hear, "Something smells!"

I think we're onto something with this baby book,

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