Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dear Kate,

I'm not a strict shower-every-dayer (and no, I don't think this warrants a confession Sunday).  I mean, I generally shower every day because it helps me feel awake, clean, ready for the day, and it makes it less noticeable that I do absolutely nothing with my hair, but I just don't think it's absolutely necessary for everyone to take a shower every single day, you know?

My criteria for a shower skip day before kids were:

  1. Did you wake up late enough that it is impossible to shower today?  If yes, skip all questions and skip a shower.  Wear a hat and extra deodorant as necessary.  If no, proceed to next question.
  2. Do you smell bad?  If no, proceed to next question.
  3. Did you take a shower yesterday?  If yes, proceed to next question.
  4. Does your hair look no more than 50% worse than yesterday?  If yes, feel free to skip a shower!

My criteria for a shower skip day after kids are:
  1. Are your children freaking out this morning?  If yes, skip a shower. Push off leaving the house until tomorrow. Drink an extra cup of coffee to make up for the wake-me-up effect of a shower.  If no, proceed to next question.
  2. Is it at all possible to take a shower this morning?  If yes, take a shower, you fool!  Tomorrow's shower isn't promised!! If no, see instructions in #1.
Showered today,

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