Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dear Bora,
Did you ever notice how Pintrest gives such an oddly specific window into someone's life.  Take my friend Amy for example.  We have't seen or even really talked to each other in years, but we're friends on Facebook and follow each other on Pintrest.  I noticed yesterday that she had 4 pins about for felt cheese tutorials.  What's up with that, Amy?  Felt cheese?  Or Crystal, who pinned 10 "clean living" recipes and then 2 pins for microwave cake in a cup.  Clearly Lauren is considering a new haircut- probably a bob- based on her most recent 7 pins.  And I noticed Brianna's really into essential oils these days.  It's weird, right?  It's such a limited, but intimate peek into the lives of my acquaintances. It also makes me wonder what glimpses of my life I'm putting out there on Pintrest...

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