Friday, March 4, 2016

Dear Bora,
It's confession time, regardless of the day of the week. I hate getting gifts for kids. Not my kid, just other people's kids. I've begun to dread the invitations to birthday parties. It's not even the cost of the gift. It's that I've been inside these people's houses. I've seen the way toys and books take over. I've heard these parents complaining about the sheer volume of kids' crap. Why would I add to that?  I know how kids are. They'll be excited about the new thing for 2 days tops. Then it becomes just another thing you're begging them to pick up off the floor before bath time. My gift, no matter how thoughtful, becomes one more thing they are trying to sneak away to Goodwill during nap. There are a couple of parents who say, "you don't have to bring a present!"  And they probably even mean it. But opening gifts is still part of the party and the guilt is still there. It'll probably get worse as K gets older and realizes she's supposed to bring a gift.  What's a practical, thoughtful, guilt-ridden Mom to do?
Staring down an Octonauts birthday party invitation,

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  1. Is it too early to start gift cards? Chick Fil A, DQ Movie theater passes?