Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dear Kate,

C's new preschool has nap time so I packed one of his 3 blankies (1 car blankie, 1 "special blankie" for night-time, and 1 back-up [now at preschool]).  The school told me that he refused to nap or even lay down on Monday.  The teacher finally got him to lie down when she agreed to read books with him and rub his back if he stayed on the mat. I couldn't get him to talk to me about school on Monday because he was too tired.  But this morning, when I asked if he was going to take a nap at school today, he said in the saddest voice, "Yeah, but they gave my blankie to R."  Apparently he was too shy to answer when they asked him which blankie was his, so they gave his blankie to R.  Oops.

I think I know now why they make you label EVERYTHING,

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