Monday, April 18, 2016

Dear Bora, 
I find it incredibly interesting to discover where different parents draw "the line" of what's ok and what isn't. We spent some time with friends this weekend who don't allow their kids to say the following words: pee, poop, or butt. They will, however, allow their children to climb and jump off the following objects: the couch, the kitchen table, and an 8 foot tall privacy fence.  I, on the other hand, will allow K to say vagina and crap, while I won't allow her to jump on the bed or throw toys at visitors. Though I totally respect different families having different rules, it was pretty hilarious to have their 8 year old run over to tell me, "K said the f-word!" In this instance, the f-word is "fart."
My kid's got quite the potty mouth. 
Love, Kate

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