Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dear Bora,
Sorry for not writing lately. I was busy enjoying one of the perks of working for the public school system: Spring Break. In the same way that I cannot imagine being paid 6 figures, I cannot fathom a life without Spring Break (and Christmas Break and Summer Break). I also understand that these 2 things are probably connected. Anyway, I do realize that the fact that my whole family has off for these big chunks at the same time is very uncommon and so we try to always make the most of it. Usually we go camping on Jekyll Island for Spring Break but we had an incredible opportunity come up: the chance to spend 8 days in Israel. It was amazing. I plan on telling you all about it this summer when we meet up at Mom and Dad's house (and we convince at least one grandparent to take the kids on a walk so we can have an entire 30 minute conversation without being interrupted 47 times). So start looking at your calendar. I'm free all of Jine and July. I'll schedule our trip to Hawaii around you. 

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