Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dear Kate,

Last night I was debating to myself about what to do with my morning on my day off.  Do I get up extra early and enjoy an hour to myself with a cup of coffee or do I try to sleep in until 7 AM?

I might as well have been debating whether I would prefer to buy a mansion vacation home lake-front or mountain-overlook.

My morning started with a baby-turning-toddler kicking me incessantly in the stomach like an angry kangaroo at 4 AM.  This was followed by restless sleep until 6:15, and finally awaking only 15 minutes later than every other day to the pitter patter elephant-like stomping of a very-nearly 3 year-old running to the living room to play with his Legos.

On the bright side, the baby slept in, so I did manage to get a cup of coffee to myself.  On the other hand, sleeping in caused her to pee through her diaper, drenching our sheets.

At least I was already planning to do laundry,

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