Friday, April 22, 2016

Dear Kate,

R is not quite 15 months old but she is already scaling the furniture. I can't tell if we have a future traceuse on our hands or just an avid tree climber like her mother. (A traceuse is a female who does parkour, by the way - I just looked that up).

Something about having an older sibling to show her how it's done has pushed her to test her physical limits. Yesterday, she was doing circuits - climbing onto a small chair, then balancing on the back of the small chair, then climbing onto the end table, then onto the back of the couch, then down to the floor, then back to the small chair and repeat.  The whole while she was just squealing in delight.

Today, she realized that her new-found ability to pull herself up on the kitchen chairs means that all counter-tops are now at her disposal simply by pushing said chair where she wants it and climbing up.

I don't need to baby-proof my house.  I need to traceuse-proof it.

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