Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dear Bora,
I, too, use the patent-pending "3 Blankie System" and it has served me well.  We recently became a bit more dependent on the blankie because K has stopped sucking her thumb!  I was sure it was going to be every bit as traumatic and drawn-out as potty training, but it was easy.  We have her first dental appointment coming up soon and I really wanted to be able to tell the dentist we were trying to get her to stop.  All it took was a trip to the dollar store for some prizes, a fun pair of socks to wear on her hands at he chose is rubbing blankie on her nose.  But since blankie will not cost us thousands of dollars in orthodontia, I think we're trading up.  As for your "naptime friend" dilemma, is it too late to buy 2 more Gunkeys?  K rotates between favorite stuffed animals (she calls them her "guys").  While that's helpful for not becoming too dependent on one, it does mean she often gets upset when I didn't anticipate which "guy" would be her favorite in my packing for trips.  There's a downside to everything, right?

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