Monday, May 16, 2016

Dear Kate,

C has suddenly decided that he needs his monkey stuffed animal - named Gunky - to accompany him to school and to bed.  I'm assuming that he was influenced at school since they are allowed a "naptime friend."  The only problem with this is that we have to be sure Gunky goes with us each day to school AND comes home with us. So much pressure!  I mean, this is the whole reason I invented the 3 blankie system!  I was pretty sure that I out-parented all the other parents when I came up with it.  You see, we have a special blankie for home, a car blankie that never leaves the car, and a school blankie (it was just an extra prior to starting school).  The system started to fall apart when special blankie got softer (hence, becoming "special") but we've somehow managed to keep it going.

But now R has decided that she needs a blankie too.  Despite the fact that C does not tease her about not having one (like an older sibling I once had did to me...), she now tries to walk off with his and will scream if you don't give her the random blankie in the car.

Oh blankies,

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