Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dear Kate,

This morning on the way to the preschool, C and I had a conversation:

C:  Mommy, I want a light sword!
Me:  A light sword, huh?"
C:  (excited now) No, a light saber!
Me:  A light saber?  That would be so cool!
C:  (suddenly very angry) I want you to give me a light saber!  I want a light saber now!

He proceeded cry about this for about 30 seconds.

Me:  I wish I had a light saber to give you right now.  That would be so cool!  If you had a light saber, what would you do with it?
C:  (immediately stops crying)  I would build Legos.

That was the end of the conversation and we had a peaceful drive thereafter.

Didn't know you needed a light saber to do that...

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