Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dear Kate,

C loves to tell stories. Here is the one he told me today:

Me: *sticking my tongue out*
C: *copies me* I have a big tongue. I have teeth too.
Me: yeah, but one fell out.
C: yeah but it will grow back
Me: yep. Do you remember when it fell out?
C: yeah, I fell down.
Me: what happened to the tooth that fell out?
C: a crocodile ate it. Then I ran after him and bit him. Then he cried.
Me: oh my goodness.
C: yeah, then the ambulance came and got the crocodile. It drived and drived
Me: where did it go?
C: to the doctor. But then the crocodile bit her... Then she bit the crocodile and he cried and swam away in the water
Me: man, lots of people get bit in this story
C: then the crocodile went home and told his parents.
Me: oh?
C: yeah, the crocodile told his father. Then the father bit him.
Me: wow
C: then a Big. Red. T-Rex came and bit him too!

Then he finished going potty which was incredibly frustrating given the plot twist cliff hanger ending.

Love you,

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