Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dear Kate,

I realize that to many-a-parent thumb-sucking is evil, but you know what?  Thumbs don't get lost.  We have managed to keep only 2 pacifiers in rotation for R, very rarely misplacing one - until this weekend when we managed to misplace BOTH within 48 hours.  Now, I don't need anyone to point out that this "good fortune" is probably because she rarely seems to take the thing out of her mouth.  Honestly, due to the other "many-a-parents" that believe pacifiers are evil, I briefly contemplated letting this be an abrupt and permanent end to the paci but then I remembered the look she has when her paci has dropped behind a couch or is lost in a pile of stuffed animals.  She has these sad eyes that say, "This is the beginning of true and deep sorrow, Mother."  So instead, I swore to God that I would be a better human being if we could just find one of them before bedtime. When I finally found one of them hiding under a couch, the excitement and love in her eyes rivaled that which she shows me.

Hey, if she loves it.  I love it too.

Here's to found pacies,

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